July 02, 2013

This post about my daughter Lindsay was originally published here

Lindsay Branham’s dynamic career as a humanitarian began early in her life. Before she completed her undergraduate work at USC in journalism, over spring break, she got together a group of compassionate friends and flew to the beaches of Thailand to help them rebuild some of the homes destroyed by the historic tsunami of December, 2004. Before she went to Bankok to fly back home, she gave away all her remaining money, forgetting that she owed airport tax. The generosity of an American businessman who overheard her telling the story, got her back safely.

That following summer, after Lindsay graduated, she volunteered to spend six weeks at an orphanage in Uganda. It was there, in an extremely small village, that she met some refugees from surrounding African countries, fleeing oppression and injustice, and first heard about the horrific abduction of children as young as 6 years to serve as “weapons of choice” and soldiers for the murderous madmen of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Lindsay BranhamShe moved to Lake Kivu in the DRC to serve with the non-profit organization, Food for the Hungry as International Media Director, and became very familiar with the destruction and damage to not only the children, but to their families and communities.

Her heart ached to help, to heal, and to reconcile these innocents.

Lindsay subsequently co-founded Discover the Journey and has filmed and photographed many of the children affected by the LRA violence, and has even been instrumental in freeing some of them from captivity. Her images have been seen by many and used by broadcast media to illustrate the crisis in Congo, surrounding countries and around the world while also serving as a CNN and BBC contributor.

Lindsay Branham is a wonderful soul who has brought a lot of joy, a lot of smiles, and a lot of generosity to the world around her.  Not only is she my wonderful daughter, but she also has the heart of a humanitarian that I, Bevans Branham, have as well.